Bespoke orders

Almost everything I make is a bespoke order or made to order.
That means, people contact me to make them something special. This is often with an occasion in mind. Perhaps a wedding, ladies day, or as a birthday/xmas gift . Sometimes people will have a particular outfit they would like to match for an event or it may be a significant birthday.

I love making bespoke pieces as it involves the customers, most importantly their ideas and preferences. This sometimes means creating something I would never have created.

Bespoke headpieces  require a consultation, approximately 30 minutes long. This involves the customer coming to the studio with an outfit and their accessories. We begin by trying on styles of hat/headpiece to see what suits and the style they are most drawn to. After that we consider colours and what fabrics we might use, the options are endless and all preferential to the customer. Following this we’ll look at trims and any details which will be the finishing touches and make sure the headpiece compliments the overall look.
Bespoke orders normally require 4-6 weeks from the time of consultation but often customers allow more time than this. If interested please take a look at my work and contact me. 

Wide brim black and red lace with silk flowers
Wide brim black and red lace with silk flowers

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